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Since you have landed on this page, I am sure there is a solution or an answer that you are looking for. I would like to start by addressing a question, that I am sure you want an answer to..

What exactly is coaching? 

Don't let the word Coach give you the impression that there is someone who knows you better than yourself. There is no one who understands you better than you understand yourself and that is what a coach believes. A coach is someone who accepts you completely without judgement and prompts you, through your journey of uncovering the answers that are already within you!


I would love to assist you on this journey.

However, I understand you need to first, trust before you feel comfortable to open up to me. Before you do, let me tell you more about what I do. 


Relationship Coach

Stress Coach

Happiness Coach

Relationship Coach

Since relationships form the foundation of our lives it is essential to review them from time to time, especially if they are the ones that matter to you the most.

Working towards strengthening these relationships is like oiling the engine of a car. It needs to be done from time to time to ensure smooth functioning. 

If we keep procrastinating, talking about how we really feel and  putting efforts that we know we should be putting, overtime they start causing friction in our relationships.

I am here to assist you, if you are looking to create and enjoy meaningful relationships. The process however starts with you. If you really want to develop healthy relationships with others, you need to first build one with yourself!


My Story

My journey as a coach started out at an early age. A lot of people older in age and experience would consult me regarding their issues. Being able to help them in turn made me feel happy.

This led me on a path of helping others be happy!


Growing up, watching people struggle with stress and relationships made me want to be a coach. 


Certified by MML and ICF, I have been successfully coaching clients all over India and facilitating their self-growth. Where you feel overwhelmed by relationships and the complexities of your emotions, is where I step in. I aim to help build stronger and more meaningful relationships. I also enable you to better manage the stress of everyday life. 


My vision is to empower people to manage their own relationships successfully. To awaken them to their own inner potential, so they can rely on themselves and

lead value-creating lives. 

My Story

“I believe that one needs to first build a relationship with themselves, to blossom relationships with others.”


Tanya is brilliant ! I was feeling extremely demotivated. Being a creative person, with no motivation I was close to feeling like I'm not good enough. Tanya was extremely comforting and guided without being directive. She asked questions which made me think and helped me come to conclusive answers - something I knew was in me deep down, somewhere in my heart and mind but I was too lost to realize. What I loved about her was that she's non intrusive and she knows the right questions to ask. She opens you up and leaves you at a point where you feel much lighter. From the very start of the session, I felt like this was a good decision. She doesn't judge you or your situation which enabled me to be myself and talk without hesitation. 

By the end of the session I was extremely motivated and looked at situations around me in a positive light and set personal goals. 

I would recommend her to anyone who feels lost and needs to find some direction, motivation, a little nudge or even just someone looking to figure themselves out.



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